Miniature Wands and Hearts

I’ve added some new items to my Esty store.  I have the miniature wands that I had previously posted about and some polymer clay hearts that you can hang on the wall.  They make great gifts for the holiday.  So take a moment to check out my etsy store at :





Its been awhile since I’ve last posted anything on this blog.  I’m still looking for work, and my life has been consumed by that and that alone. I still squeeze in some creating time. Not as much as I like but enough to put some stuff on etsy and have a blog sale, so stay tune …. I will be right back.

Miniatures Wands

As a child I’ve always had this fascination with miniatures, not only would I collect but occasionally I would make something small.  My first miniature was a reproduction of a Mickey Mouse phone completely carved out of a piece of wood, then I made a small boat with sails .  I still have them somewhere in a box in storage.  Anyhow I love all things Harry Potter and even thought I’m on a tight budget as I’m still out of work, as soon as I heard there was a book out there on how the films were made.  I ran out and got it, it’s called Harry Potter Film Wizardry for all those creative minds it’s a must have. So after going through this book  over and over and over and well you get the idea.  I decided why not make a miniature version of  Voldemort and Prof Dumbledorfs wand.  It’s not the standard 1″ miniature size  but for the size is  about 2+”  , they came out pretty good.  What do you think? 

Both will be on etsy soon they will come in their own box.  I’m also working on mad eye moodys wand and Bellatrix wand hope to finish  them soon.


One of the hardest things I have found is after creating an art piece.  I seem to have a very difficult time releasing it.  Mostly because of the lack of confidence that I still have as an artist.  But given that I’m running out of room I’m given no other choice but to build that confidence one way or another.

So, here are some more of my art pieces that I have placed on Esty



God only gives you as much as you can handle

Its been a while since I last posted, unfortunately life has gotten in the way as always.   You know the saying “God only gives you as much as you can handle” well I’m not sure who came up with this but personally it’s a crock of shit.  Yep you heard it a crock of shit. 

In the past few months not only have I lost my job and have yet to find any,  I couldn’t register my car because the turbo blew and it won’t pass emissions test, so I sold it or basically gave it away at $1500.  The washer died and the slumlord won’t replace it or repair, so my laundry is piling up with no way of getting it to a laundry mat.  My asthma is back with a vengence and I have no medical insurance and again this year Santa won’t be at our house. 

So to all those that use that phrase  “God only gives you as much as you can handle” think about who your saying it too before you say it.  Especially now with the economy, unemployment, foreclosures… we have enough on our plates to hear a crock of shit.

Trick or Treat

The past several nights I’ve heard knocking at our door.  Numerous times I open the door and what did I see, nothing.  Tonight again the knocking, this time I ran and opened the door as fast as I could, and to my surprise what did I see, a small creature on the steps.  I kid you not; I even took a picture of it. 

Well as curious as I am I asked him what did he want and he shouted trick or treat.  Trick or treat I say you’re a little too early for that.  So I invite him in and with a little hop he entered.  I asked him who he was and why was he trick or treating so early.

He said his name was Frankie, he’s from the world below were all magical and strange creatures dwell. He goes on to say he has always loved Halloween and every year he watches us decorated our home with all sorts of fun Halloween decorations but on the day when all the kids are suppose to come out to trick or treat and as much as we waited no one ever shows up to get any candy.  I explained to Frankie, this world isn’t like it uses to be when I was a kid; it’s much too dangerous now days and kids don’t go out as much.  But none the less were always prepared with candy just in case someone does show up.

Frankie said that’s why he was there he wanted us to get the joy of Halloween by showing up to trick or treat but didn’t realize he was a week early.  I told Frankie it was okay and I gave him some Hershey bars and invited him back next week Halloween night and with a smile he disappeared.

Frankie is now looking for its own forever home to adopt him go to my etsy page to find him there

To blog or not to blog

Its been years that I’ve thought of blogging about my art, how it’s created, and what I create and well all that other stuff in between that comes with blogging. 

It’s not until now that I find my self unemployed for the 4th time that I’ve decided that I need to take a lead in my life and start making additional income with my art.

Like some artist out there you feel that your art isn’t good enough or it won’t sell so you keep putting things off,  but after seeing whats on What do I have to lose, so here I am blogging to show the world my art and sell it as well.  So stay tune world here I come!